AVL Deutschland GmbH

AVL Electrification Testing Solutions

AVL provides a wide range of customer oriented solutions for the development and testing of the complete range of electrified powertrains.

AVL Battery Testing Systems are well optimized for supporting the development tasks and life-time investigations of electrochemical energy storage systems like batteries for hybrid and pure electric vehicles. AVL can provide the complete range of solutions including automation, cyclers, conditioning, and safety systems.

AVL Power Electronics Testing Systems provide a sophisticated full power HiL environment for advanced development, testing and validation of inverters bringing an unprecedented level of confidence in the inverter before combining it with the E-Machine on an E-Motor testing system.

AVL Electronic Motor Test Systems are dedicated and focused dynamometer test systems that function as complete development, testing, verification and validation environments for electric drives and used for determining and analyzing electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics of the E-Drive.

For more informations visit: www.avl.com/testing

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